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Graphic Odds & Ends
offers an eclectic mix of graphic design, embroidery services, and promotional products. Check out our promotionals on

Graphic design services include layout and design of marketing materials and collateral, formatting for catalogs and directories, Power Point presentations, logo design, photography, proofreading and print brokering. 

Embroidery services include custom designs, digitizing and embroidery of quantities from as low as one to several hundred. We offer garments and embroiderable specialty items, along with traditional promotional items, and are happy to create ordering programs for your organization. We also allow our clients to supply their own garments.

Feel free to contact us at 727.738-5104 (O) or 727.735.7006 (Sherrie's cell), or email

Our beginnings:
Paul and Dawn White started Just Sentimental in their Dunedin home. Beginning with a single embroidery head, digitizing software and no clients, they grew their business to six heads and a loyal client base in three years. But Paul's native land called to him and in late 2005, they decided to move back to England. When Paul mentioned to Sherrie that he was looking for a buyer for their business, she and Ron jumped at the opportunity to own a business of their own that would utilize their graphic skills learned over the years and complement the design services they were already providing through Sherrie's side-line company, Graphic Odds & Ends.

Ron has shifted gears and now works as a captain in the Keys, Everglades and locally while still doing a few design projects. Sherrie's daughter, Stacie Rogers, has joined the company and is taking on more and more of the work. While embroidery continues to be an important part of the business, the graphic design, promotional items and print brokering are increasing as the word spreads. 

We are proud members of:

Dunedin Chamber of Commerce

Rotary Club of Dunedin North

Dunedin Boat Club

Dunedin Council of Organizations

About the Kinkeads:
Sherrie Davis Kinkead grew up in a family printing business near Raleigh, NC. After attending the NCSU School of Design for two years, she graduated from UNC-Charlotte with her BA in Sociology. Joining the family business, Theo Davis Sons, as an estimator in 1975, she later became president and CEO of the family's $4 million commercial printing company. Wanting to spread her wings, she left the family business in 1996. It was as an account manager at Harperprints in NC that she met her future husband, Ron. As her interest grew in design, she often took on pro-bono design projects, such as newsletters, brochures and dance programs, to hone her skills. After moving to Florida in 2000, she worked in print sales for StorterChilds Printing and Roberts Printing before buying the embroidery business in late 2005.

Sherrie is a past president and past secretary at both the Zebulon Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Dunedin North. She also served many years on the board of AAF-Tampa Bay and is the incoming president of the Dunedin Council of Orgnizations.

Ron Kinkead grew up in the Buffalo area, where he attended the State University of New York in advertising design and production. He worked as a prepress manager at Hoffman Printing and Boncraft Inc. and as the art department manager of Printing Prep. Tired of the snow and long winters, he headed south, where he became prepress manager of Harperprints in North Carolina. When he was offered the prepress manager position of Trader Publishing's national publications, he moved to Dunedin, Florida. In July, 2006, he left the prepress world of printing to devote his time to digitizing, embroidery and graphic design. Deciding he'd rather be on the water than behind a computer or machine, he was certified as a master captain and changed careers doing what he really loves.

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